Guitar to guizouki conversion

Irish bouzouki

A few years ago, as a birthday present, my family bought me a very nice Countryman Irish bouzouki. I've played acoustic guitar for many years and this presented a new challenge. I can't say that I'm proficient yet, but I'm improving.

The bouzouki originally had octave paired strings on the bottom two strings (tuning to G D A E). I wasn't too keen on this configuration so I had this changed to matched pairs. This required a new nut and saddle and, since I didn't feel confident in doing it myself, I had it done at a local musical instrument shop.

Searching online for inspiration and tutorials, I came across a couple of people playing a guizouki - basically a bouzouki with a guitar body, and it occurred to me that it might be possible to convert a guitar to a guizouki. More online research gave me some help so I decided to look for a cheap guitar which I could convert.

My first conversion, a Fender Squier acoustic, was fairly successful; so I decided to create a better guizouki using a more expensive guitar.

Fender Squier conversion

Fender Squier guitar

A cheap laminate guitar used as a trial to establish a method for converting a guitar to a guizouki.

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Tanglewood Nashville conversion

Tanglewood guitar

A mid-range acoustic guitar with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides and rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

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